• Bonnie Bull, Ph.D

The Road Most Traveled, 'My Journey with People of the Lie' Part Two

Very few books are written about anger and how to deal with that emotion. I have had a lot of experience in this area, both in my practice and in my own personal life. I am daring to share it in hopes that it lights the path for the others to come.

I have clearly outlined in this book how the authoritarian personality that I did my dissertation on has become more dominant in our culture. Fascism is a very hypnotic but scary style to live with and to embrace. I want to expose the tragic outcomes that can emerge from embracing fascist thinking and not keeping a vigilant watch on all of the changes and behavior of the people in power. We need to return to the angels within us and reclaim some of the tender warriors that have been with us in the past. Integrity is the key and having a belief in a higher power.

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