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A holiday wish!

I would like to take this time of year, and also with the recent passing of one of my favorite persons, President George H.W. Bush, in hopes that we can all learn from the way he lived his life, namely, "A kinder, gentler nation". President Bush was the epitome of service to others, which is how I believe we all need to live our lives. Something I think we have lost touch with.

I would also like to quote from my book, The Road Most Traveled, My Journey with People of the Lie, as I think this quote is relevant too:

'Martin Luther King fascinated me because I felt part of his dream was that we all get close and love each other; he was directing his message to all people of any race and any color. We all, he felt, need to treat each other with respect and dignity and care. I really feel we have drifted away from the dream.'

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

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