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​While studying for my Ph.D in experimental psychology at the University of Oklahoma, I read many books by, and became especially interested in, the works of people like Erich Fromm and Carl Rogers.  As a deep believer in God, I have always believed that the mixing of psychology, philosophy, and religion provide the means to a person developing more character, becoming a more giving, kinder, and loving human being.  I believe learning to deal more effectively with one’s anger and anxiety will lead to developing more of those better parts of ourselves.  I have dedicated my website / blog, not to mention my life, to help my students / readers become better acquainted with issues on anger management and anxiety. Hopefully, this will help you become a calmer more in-touch person who can help improve the quality of at least one person's life each day.  As I told the anger management class I taught for years at the local union station, when you go to bed each night ask yourself if you improved the quality of at least one person's life today, and if not, start over tomorrow and do a better job.

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