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Anger & Depression

I grew to see that anger and evil are joined at the hip. All people feel anger. If they have been severely damaged they often are not in touch with the anger directly. Often what we see in our patients and the public is depression which I believe is anger turned in on the self. This can grow to such a proportion that suicide can occur. It is the things that people do with the anger that is what I believe to be true evil. Their unwillingness to own the deeds, actions, and life choices is what severely impacts others and destroys them. To me that is what Scott Peck is speaking about in his book. It is really about what people choose to do with their anger that is the critical issue. I was disappointed when they took ‘Passive Aggressive Personality’ out of the DSM because this is the main vehicle people use to express homicidal rage and get away with it. It truly is the perfect murder where the person is never tried or convicted or even recognized as a killer. Dr. Bonnie Bull, The Road Most Traveled, My Journey with People of the Lie

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