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New album: Bad Girl

Hi Everyone,

I just completed my new album titled: 'Bad Girl'. You can hear the songs on my website:

I loved singing these songs and so I am sharing them with you. I hope you share them with other people. The album is available for purchase on the website.

Don't forget, my book, The Road Most Traveled, My Journey with People of the Lie, is now available for purchase on my website too. However, if you like to use you can purchase the book there as an alternative. My book has a lot that I learned that loving is the way to live.

Both my book and my disc communicate love and tenderness and hope for peoples future. Please read and listen, and take with you my warm feelings about my book and CD. They both are about loving and giving to others. Share, that is the key! Please enjoy!

Warmest regards for the season and all year long.

Dr Bonnie Bull

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