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A hopefull and warm thought for the holidays!

'Martin Luther King fascinated me because I felt part of his dream was that we all get close and love each other; he was directing his message to all people of any race and any color. We all, he felt, need to treat each other with respect and dignity and care. I really feel we have drifted away from the dream. Prejudice has gone underground but it’s still vital. Einstein was turned away from teaching at Caltech supposedly because they did not have enough money to offer him. I sensed when I heard that, that the story was not accurate. I really believe the truth was the anti-Semitism was the root of the rejection. Unfortunately, I am very familiar with that kind of prejudice which I faced being a little Jewish girl in a convent. People are rarely honest about that kind of prejudice and especially now when it’s considered to be very inappropriate to have prejudice of this nature. So Einstein went to Princeton to teach. Each time I saw his picture on the wall of the physics lab at Caltech I felt sickened. It felt kind of sacrilegious to me that the man’s picture was there on the wall. I wanted to take it off the wall and I wanted to say you people rejected this man because of the fact he was a Jew so don’t lay claim to him now that he is dead.

My passion to share what I have learned is connected to my desire to give what I have. This is a very short trip and what makes it rich for me is sharing and loving, and above all telling the truth. I always tell people when you give just give because it feels good not because it’s going to necessarily lead to a specific reward. The most powerful rewards I have gotten in my life were when I was not looking to receive any reward. A stranger’s smile when you extend yourself feels warm. I must admit I have been deeply moved and touched in my life by the kindness of strangers often when I have least expected it

I feel people need to learn life is about change and letting go. It is like watching a beautiful sunset as the sun slips into darkness. If you try to hold on tight to the experiences in life you crush them. To me the most dangerous cliff is the one connected to bitterness. I always look closely into peoples’ faces to see how they have dealt with pain in their life.' (The Road Most Traveled, My Journey with People of the Lie)


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