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BOOK REVIEW Five Star Review by Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers' Favorite

The Road Most Traveled: My Journey With ‘People of the Lie’ by Bonnie Bull, Ph.D. is a self-help book primarily about anger management and how to deal with anxiety. Bonnie has had much experience of anger in her personal life and through work. She taught anger management for many years, trying to teach people how to rein in and manage their feelings in a way that they could comfortably live with. Over time, we have all changed. People have stopped caring about one another and now care only for themselves and their own feelings. We walk a dangerous path now, a culture of denial in many ways, and we have lost touch, not just with others but with ourselves too. We are unaware of how to deal with anger, indeed, in many cases, how to even recognize that emotion for what it is and this book attempts to guide us off that path onto the right one, away from what can only end in tragedy. The Road Most Traveled: My Journey With ‘People of the Lie’ by Bonnie Bull, Ph.D. may be a self-help book on anger management but it's more than that. This is Bonnie’s story of the tragedy and pain she has faced in life, personally and in trying to help others to recognize and manage their anger issues. This book truly is an inspiration to all of us. We do live in a dark world now and, in many ways, it’s only getting darker. But Bonnie shows us that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, always that ray of hope and, through this guide, she tries to lead us back to that light. I found this quite moving in places and incredibly well written. The tone of voice used is that of a personal conversation as if Bonnie is talking to us all individually. It’s the kind of book that should make us all give ourselves a good shake and try to be better people. You can't change the world overnight but if we all change just a little bit of ourselves, things would be so much better for everyone.


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